The House is located in a village on the South side of Vitosha mountain. The peaceful and quiet place, just 40 km away from the everyday city life.
The spacious ground floor has plenty of windows oriented towards South/West, following the sunrays all year round. It was well divided in 3 main areas: kitchen, dining and living with a fireplace.
Area of the unit: 88 m2.
Upstairs, there are the two boys’ rooms, their weird architecture being a great challenge for designing and setting them into usable and comfortable residential spaces. The first one is for the older brother, already a teenager, while the second one is for the younger brother, a kid.
Total area of the boys’ rooms: 46 m2.
At the end some additional technical drawings are added to preview the detailed multi-layered information that was needed to fulfil the project.

Year2016LocationRudartsi Village, Sofia RegionCollaboration

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