This is a 102 sq. m apartment, part of a more than 50-year-old building in the plain city centre of Sofia, Alabin Str.
The initial state was an badly distributed dusty old-looking space just suggesting its great potential.
Like in the perfect feng-shui scenario, the heart of the home is in the center where people gather, surrounded by all the rooms and private spaces around.
We needed to redistrubute the smaller spaces and arragnge them in a more functional way. So serious repair and restoration work took place.
Normally, back in XXth century, the kitchen lacked ventilation so that is why it has always been a separate room keeping the cooking smells away. But today integrating kitchen to the dining and living room is a must so we opened a portal between the once small kitchen and the living room connecting them, allowing light and air to pass through.
Long and narrow corridors were removed. The bathroom is now enlarged and contemporarily equiped. Small space that served as a toilet was added to the storage room which was unusable before.
The windows face both east and west and all are equiped with blackout outdoor blinds so thus one can manage the light source and direction throughout the day by opening/closing doors, curtains and blinds.
The working space is a real one. When a freelances needs a place to work at home, he means it!
The bedroom is meant for cozy home-cinema, that is what the blank wall serves for.

*I am still waiting for better photos – hope to see them soon*

ServiceInterior DesignYear2018LocationSofia, Alabin Str.Budget73 000 €

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