House in Trakata, Varna_ Photos

This is today’s realization state of an Interior Design Project of a House in Trakata Neighbourhood, Varna, 193 m2 including Ground Floor and Basement Floor. The pictures are from the Dining Room and Kitchen, and Bathroom. Pictures of the other spaces are coming soon…

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8th Sense Beauty Salon Interior Design Project, Burgas_ Collaboration with Tallbox

This is a project for 98 m2 Beauty Salon, divided in two floors. The ground floor provides 3 hairdresser’s workplaces, 2 coloring zones, 1 manicurist’s workplace, 1 make-up artist working zone, small reception, multimedia zone, and a waiting area for clients. The basement floor includes relax zone with small kitchen, pedicurist’s zone and a massage room.

8th sense Beauty Salon Interior Design Project

Click the images below to see larger pictures


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4* Hotel Room Design Project_ Special Award from Dibla Contest 2016

4* Hotel Room Design Project


Competition Entry for Dibla Contest, Bulgaria.

The main aim was to create a design project for a hotel room using assortment from given prducers and providers.

This project received a special award from the Bulgarian Tiles and Sanitary Retail Chain Djia.

15128964_1171450692949456_794833880888684112_o   15055663_1171450779616114_7698244417245503446_n

facebook-icon  Event Report Photos

pdfSee full project here (10 pages)

Click the images below to see larger pictures


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4* Studios at Eco-Hotel Resort Guest-Houses Interior Project


Byala_Varova_zapad_07        tuhla_zapad_06

The published Projects refer to 3 separate houses, being part of Eco-Hotel Resort in Bulgaria, with total area of 115 m2 each. Every house consists of two symmetrical studios developed in one main material but each side being developed in a different way. Main task was to adapt Bulgarian traditional interior styles to contemporary necessities of 4* hotel studios. Materials and techniques are exclusively based on different as raw as possible eco-materials.

Check the PDF-files here:

pdfSlaked Lime House Interior Design Project (2 pages)

pdf Hemp House Interior Design Project (2 pages)

pdf Brick House Interior Design Project (2 pages)

Click the images below to see larger pictures


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Two Boys’ Rooms in Complicated Architecture

Teenage boy's room

These two boys’ rooms with their weird architecture plan were a great challenge for designing and setting them into usable and comfortable residential spaces. The first one is for the older brother, already a teenager, while the second one is for the younger brother, a kid.

Total area of both: 46 m2.

Click the images below to see larger pictures



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Appartment in Veliko Tarnovo

Appartment in Veliko Tarnovo Interior Design Project: Kitchen

This is a Project for 30 m2 appartment in the old capital of Bulgaria – the City of Veliko Tarnovo.

The small area required smart solutions for decent and comfortable storage, living, cooking and dining spaces. Dividing the area into two rooms was a must. Hot bursts of colour sprinkle the tidy achromatic and natural ambience.

Click the images below to see larger pictures


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