Programmer’s Smart Home

3-bedroom apartment of 158 sq. m turns into paradise for a family with multiple interests and hobbies.
The apartment features living room divided from kitchen and dining by fireplace, corridor, 2 bathrooms, 3 bedrooms and two balconies.

The project is equipped with Smart Home automation, which allows control of switches, power outlets, heating, lighting, internet and multimedia according to client’s requirements. In the living area and 2 of the bedrooms there are projection screens installed instead of TVs, as a custom client’s request.

The large balcony is remarkable with its length of 13 meters and accommodates various functions: comfortable work desk in front of the windows, barbecue, relax area, cats’ corner and home brewery corner. The windows face West and let one enjoy the sunset, on the opposite there are 4 of the rooms with access to the balcony.

A little correction was made to the corridor’s wall to straighten the lines and take advantage of installing large wardrobe for custom needs.

The living is minimalistic and has its projection screen and 3D wooden panel on the back, the fireplace has a rusty plaster finish, an island was added to the kitchen and large commode holds beer fermenters.

The kid’s room has its own balcony and the other bedroom is turned into home sound studio plus guest room, acoustic materials covering all the surfaces.

Bathrooms are neutral and comfortable, lighted delicately with tinted hidden LEDs upon one’s choice, but main lighting remains neutral to avoid too colored spaces.

In all rooms direct lighting had to be avoided so all solutions include hidden lighting or directed away from the eye, ceiling lamps are only where needed. Muted relax atmosphere is achieved through home automation and preset lighting scenarios.

Colors are in neutral taupe palette to deliver calmness and intimacy. Here and there fiery orange accents appear, client’s favorite color.

ServiceInterior DesignYear2023LocationSofiaCollaboration
Bella Sarbinova
Due date2024

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