Effortel Office Sofia

Photo Credit: Atanas Zgurev / Interiora.me

Interior design project for IT company’s office.

Project’s subject are organization, distribution and the look of 900 sq. m office premises.
25 separate spaces
up to 102 working desks
3 conference halls for 6 to 20 people
2 call/meeting rooms for 1-4 people
10 separate working spaces for 1 to 43 people
kitchen, dining room for up to 16 people
fun zone

Initial distribution underwent partial changes including redistribution, demolishing and constructing new partitions, glass partitions, glass doors, and reforming main flows.
Interior colors are strictly coordinated with the corporate colors and the materials applied suggest long exploitation life. Some playful elements in ceilings and floors resemble the pixels of computer’s language while frosted glass foil reminds of the information flow, subject of the company’s solutions.
Lighting accents encode key spaces like main entrance and fun zone. Dark colors are applied to short stay spaces, light colors are for working spaces.

ClientEffortelServiceInterior DesignYear2020LocationSofia

Privacy Preference Center