Metalhead Brewery Taproom

Photo Credit: Todor Todorov, Sima Bivolarska

The Metalhead Brewery Taproom is a 92 sq. m space, divided in 4 functional spaces: bar, storage room, wc and commercial space.
The once untended industrial hall was adapted to a perfect up-to-date industrial Craft-beer Taproom. The 6,50 m ridge covered in typical corrugated iron gives the air and height. Brick walls were revealed and treated after removing the old plaster. Cargo-containers were a main inspiration so all the interior elements are custom made out of metal profiles and corrugated iron. Wooden materials add an earthy feeling to keep the „floating containers“ down. Flame red color is a distinctive color of the brand.
The bar behind is carefully adapted to a complex draft beer system allowing up to 10 beer taps/kegs.
The WC is in accord with the whole design concept of the place made out of iron sheets with a custom keg-sink and draft-beer tap instead of traditional one.
The location of Metalhead Brewery (Roman thermae Park at Vetren, Burgas) is a perfect place for party, events, all-day fun, BBQ, surrounded by a large park & woods, airy, spacious and calm atmosphere.
Cheers for the good craft beer and music!

ClientMetalhead BreweryServiceInterior DesignYear2019LocationBurgas

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